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278 Milldale Rd Dandridge, Tennessee 37725
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Latest reviews for Buster's Towing & Repair 5/5.0 stars (17 reviews)

Joe in Bolingbrook, IL *****
We came on vacation my family and I our van broke down the first day we were there called AAA they towed it to Buster's Robbie is absolutely hands down the best had it fixed promptly and back on road more than fair price he was very honest and genuine thanks again Robbie Godbless
Bill in Chillicothe, MO *****
My vehicle limped into town on a Monday night. A local referred me to Busters Repair and Towing. They started on my vehicle within 30 minutes of me showing up. Worked on it all day and until 3pm the next day. The parts were $300 and the labor was ONLY a little over that. I couldn’t believe it. I was expecting more than double that! These guys care about their customers. Robert was knowledgeable, energetic, hard working, and most importantly- honest in everything that he did. I could not have found a better place to do the repairs. This might not be a fancy shop but these guys are top notch. Look nowhere else.
Karen in Dandridge, TN *****
I want to say that Buster’s towing service has the most reasonable prices in East Tennessee…..and probably the whole state…..I would even go as far as to say that they are the most reasonable in the area. I called and received a quote from them on a tow from Knoxville to Dandridge. Just to test my theory….I called a Knoxville towing company on a quote from the same address in Knoxville to the same address in Dandridge….and the Knoxville towing company’s quote was more than twice the price of Buster’s. Not only are they reasonably priced (actually more than reasonable)…but the drivers are professional and take great care of your car. Also, I had a friend who used their repair service to replace her van’s transmission….and they did amazing work on her car….and did not break the bank. I cannot say enough about Buster’s service….it is beyond amazing. Do not call anyone else if you need a tow or mechanical work….Buster’s is the absolute best in the area….and the most reasonably priced!!!!
Mary in Dandridge, TN *****
We have used Buster's services many times. Each time, the service has been prompt, courteous, and professional. We are comforted to know that Buster's is available when needed!
Ryan in Philadelphia, PA *****
Arrived on a Thursday after a long trip from PA with car trouble. Called around and everybody was too busy to help us get back on the road by Sunday. Not Busters! They ordered parts, stayed late, and got us home, safe and sound. Can’t say enough about this establishment.
Al in Maggie Valley, NC *****
Great service. Got a flat on I-40. Hunter was extremely helpful. Called a shop to find out if they had my tire size and got me in to replace the tire. Thanks Hunter.
Rebecca in CHALFONT, PA *****
Great experience! I cannot say enough! Broke down going back to PA & my parts were ordered and installed "by check out time." They picked me up & called to tell me when to head down to the lobby. Very reasonable! If I ever break down in Tennessee, I know where I'm going! Thank you gentlemen.
Rebecca in CHALFONT, PA *****
GREAT EXPERIENCE! I cannot say enough. Driving back to PA, my car part was ordered & repaired before" I needed to check out." They picked me up the next morning & called to tell me when to go to the lobby. Very reasonable! Hope not to break down, but if I do, I know where to go! Thank you gentlemen!
Brandon in Roanoke, VA *****
My daughter broke down coming home from spring break. Within 3 1/2 hours she was back on the road again and on the way home. Thank you so much. Y’all are great people with great service. SFC (Ret) U.S. Army
Tracy in Dandridge, TN *****
Awesome place to get your vehicles repaired. Shout out to Robbie who did a fantastic job.
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