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278 Milldale Rd Dandridge, Tennessee 37725
(865) 397-9865

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Great service. Got a flat on I-40. Hunter was extremely helpful. Called a shop to find out if they had my tire size and got me in to replace the tire. Thanks Hunter.
Great experience! I cannot say enough! Broke down going back to PA & my parts were ordered and installed "by check out time." They picked me up & called to tell me when to head down to the lobby. Very reasonable! If I ever break down in Tennessee, I know where I'm going! Thank you gentlemen.
GREAT EXPERIENCE! I cannot say enough. Driving back to PA, my car part was ordered & repaired before" I needed to check out." They picked me up the next morning & called to tell me when to go to the lobby. Very reasonable! Hope not to break down, but if I do, I know where to go! Thank you gentlemen!
My daughter broke down coming home from spring break. Within 3 1/2 hours she was back on the road again and on the way home. Thank you so much. Y’all are great people with great service. SFC (Ret) U.S. Army
Awesome place to get your vehicles repaired. Shout out to Robbie who did a fantastic job.
Alternator failed in truck while traveling with family pulling our 35 foot RV ! Called Busters , they were able to fix it right away. Back on road again ! Robby the mechanic treated us with urgency to get us up and running. Five stars at this garage! Highly recommend.
I broke down on the highway, two states away from home.
I called my insurance company and they sent Busters tow service.
The driver called me and confirmed my location and arrived in less than ten minutes.
The driver suggested that I have Busters mechanics fix my truck, I thought “ here we go, over charge the out of state guy”, I was wrong!
I was moved to the front of the line at their shop and my truck was fixed in less than an hour for a very fair price!
These guys were great!
Thank you all again.
We had car trouble twice on vacation, and we happened to call Buster's both times. They were so wonderful. When we broke down on the side of the busy interstate, I called and they arrived within 15 minutes with a tow truck. Jerry was kind, professional, and helpful. They were available right away and treated us well. If we are in the area in the future and need car repairs, Buster's will be our first call every time.
Buster's has always been good and friendly when I need repairs done, Prices are very good on the repairs/work I have had done. I appreciate these honest guys at Buster's, you can trust them with their estimates and work.
broke down on side of the interstate and thru my insurance buster's was dispatched. duane was there quickly and kept me entertained til my ride got there. they looked at car first thing next morning and upon approval, fixed it at a fair price. nice experience all the way around
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